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Monday, August 8, 2011


saya merasakan tips penjagaan rambut di bawah begitu praktikal untuk diamalkan. yang menarik di dalam tips ini, secara tidak langsung pemakaian tudung oleh wanita muslim juga salah satu cara penjagaan rambut.

Top 5 Tips For Good Hair Care - Mag For Women Beauty

© Daniel Garcia |
Have you been unhappy over your tresses recently? Don’t spend too much time
fretting and pouring over beauty magazines for hair care tips. We have some
great handy tips for hair care that will put your search for shiny, manageable
hair to an end.
1. Condition, condition, condition
We can’t stress enough on the importance of conditioning your hair! To make sure
that moisture is retained in your hair to last you for a few days, a pound sized
amount of conditioner applied every time you shampoo will do wonders to your
2. Have a great diet
Protein is critical for your hair. Instead of applying egg yolks and cucumber
mashes on your head, why not include them in your diet? There is no hair product
in the world that can nourish the way natural supplements can.
3. Be consistent with your hair products
Who doesn’t like to try out new hair care products in the market? We know it is
tempting ladies. But if you keep flipping your brands too often, your hair is
going to get the whipping for it. Be consistent with any hair care product you
4. Steam your hair occasionally
This might need you to go to the salon, but once you get it done, you’ll feel
great ladies. Steaming will open up and relax the follicles of your hair,
helping them to rejuvenate. A sauna should work perfectly well.
5. Use hair serum only when needed
We know ladies that hair serums are a great, instant way to untangle your hair
and bring a quick shine on them, but don’t fall into the trap of getting
addicted to serums. It will make your hair brittle and fragile in the long run.

7 Tips For Having Good Hair Days Always

© Mathom |
Many women dread bad hair days more than anything else. When you wake up in the
morning on a bad hair day, it is like you are living this horrible nightmare and
you wish you could go back to sleep. Any amount of hair spray doesn’t seem to
work, and finally you tie your hair into this untidy bun and leave. It is not
possible to have a good hair day almost everyday, right? Wrong! You can surely
have an absolutely good manageable hair day almost daily with a few take care
tips from us. Here are 8 tips to have beautiful hair day in day out.
1. Keep it covered while travelling
When you’re walking on the roads, your hair is prone to accumulate dust.
Similarly smoke and the pollution in the atmosphere is really bad for your
beautiful locks. As a result, you have to wash your hair almost everyday. Skip
the nonsense and tie your hair into a bun or tie a scarf around your head to
cover your hair while traveling.
2. Avoid the sun
The harmful rays of the sun can cause your hair to turn grey before time and
sometimes lead to breakage. Hence, as far as possible, avoid the afternoon sun.
If you have to step out in the afternoon, carry an umbrella, wear a hat or cover
your hair using a scarf.
3. Wash it regularly
Dirty, heavy hair and an oily scalp don’t look good at all. Apart from the fact
that it is unhygienic, not washing your hair regularly can also cause breakage.
The first step to beautiful hair is clean hair. So, see that you wash your hair
4. Use a good conditioner
Many a times, women tend to skip the conditioner routine after they shampoo.
However, this causes your hair to become rough and difficult to manage. A good
conditioner makes it so much easier. Always condition your hair ends after you
shampoo and see the difference.
5. Take special care of damp hair
Damp hair is most prone to breakage. So, special care needs to be taken when
your hair is damp. First, dry it properly using a towel. Once it is in a dried
state, you can untangle the knots. Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to do
so. Using a normal comb will break your hair. Also, untangle the knots in your
hair carefully; don’t carelessly pull out the knots. Handle them in a delicate
6. Don’t stress
No amount of hair routine is enough if you are not happy from the inside. Stress
is one of the leading reasons for hair fall and untimely greying. Take up
meditation or yoga to get rid of the negativity around you. Keep yourself
constantly occupied doing something that you like, be it reading,
writing or something else.
7. Eat healthy
The food you consume has a lot of impact on your hair. Avoid junk, as it does
not help you at any cost. Instead switch to healthy food like vegetables and
fruits. Replace white bread and white rice to brown bread and brown rice. Also
see that you consume lots of nuts and grains. A healthy diet will result in
healthy and beautiful hair naturally.
These are simple tips to have beautiful hair daily. Beautiful hair is not a
day’s work, it is a process. Make it a routine to take special care of your
hair. Treat them well and you will find them glowing beautifully. However treat
them bad and they will look as bad as ever.

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