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Monday, April 9, 2012


Surat di bawah sebagai renungan bersama. Betapa tercabarnya hidup menjadi seorang OKU pengelihatan.

Petikan dari mailing list.

I, Koh Tiam Seng aka William T S Koh aged 64 have gone completely blind 4 years ago.

I have been a loyal account holder of BBMB for the last 35 years. My family and I
have been long term clients with BBMB which is now known as CIMB.

All my savings, salary, bonuses, claims and my pension and gratuity payment from
the Government have all been deposited into this bank. I have not had
transactions with any other banks except for BBMB which is now CIMB.

In the year 2010, I was given a Platinum Credit Card with a RM10,000 or USD3,000 credit limit without any conditions.

When I telephoned the Call Centre to activate the Credit Card, the woman who answered my call asked me to read the Credit Card Number. I told her that I have to wait for my niece or nephew to read it for me because I was unable to see.

The woman replied that she could not activate it because I am blind. I demanded to speak to the Credit Card Manager who gave me the same answer. I told them
that this is discrimination and also contrary to the Federal Constitution which states that all people are equal under the law and this is also contrary to the UN Charter for the Disabled.

The Manager argued that the reason for not activating the Card was to protect the Bank and myself if I happened to lose the card since I am a blind man and that someone else might fraudulently use my card. I told the manager that if I were to lose the
Card it is my sole responsibility and that it would have nothing to do with
the bank.

I challenged the Manager to take away my ATM Card, my cheque book, and my Gol Credit Card which I am using till today since he claimed that other people would be able to misuse them. The reason for challenging him was that I was able to use my Gold Card without misplacing it all these years of handling it.

The Credit Card Manager was speechless for a moment and after much thought she told me to go to any CIMB
Branch and see the Bank Officer to verify and certify my eyesight.

I strongly protested to her suggestion saying that my eyesight can only be verified and certified by a medical doctor or eye specialist. I wonder if any member of the
public who has eye problems could run into any CIMB Bank and have their eyes examined or perhaps CIMB Bank would also dispense eyedrops or medications after verifying

Hi author, this is just a small part of the world's blind live in the resistance, there are many trials and challenges when someone called disabled. May you continue to persevere for it.

To normal people out there, remember, remember, any time we can be called disabled people. Thus, P is sparingly in dealing with any individual disabled people.

Perhaps today, we deny the rights of disabled people in certain things, who knows, day after tomorrow we are denied the right by others.

Life is like a wheel.

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